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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get COVID from the vaccine?
No. mRNA vaccines do not include any virus. They contain only instructions for your cells to make a small part of the virus outer shell. These instructions only last for a few hours before being destroyed in your body.

Should I get the vaccine if I already had COVID?
Yes. People with recent infections have a very low likelihood of infection. Since there are limited amounts of vaccines, the CDC recommends giving it first to people at highest risk of infection.

What are the side effects after I got the vaccine?
Side effects are signs that your body is building protection.
  • Your arm may be sore, red, or warm to the touch.
  • You may experience flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, chills, muscle pain and joint pain.
  • These symptoms usually go away on their own within a few days.
You can put on a cold cloth on the arm to soothe it, if needed. Call your healthcare provider if you have any side effects that bother you or do not go away.

Will my COVID test turn positive after getting the COVID vaccine?
You will not test positive for COVID-19 by nasal swab as these test for active infection.

Do I have immunity right after the first dose (for the 2 doses vaccines)?
The first shot starts building protection. The second dose increases your immunity to get to the optimal protection level.

How long will I be protected after the shot(s)?
It will take 10 to 14 days after you fully vaccinated for your body to build immunity. Currently, we donít know how long the protection will last.

I have allergies, can I get the vaccine?
Having allergies to pollen, food, pets, and insects does not increase your risk of having a bad reaction from the vaccine. If you have had severe allergic reactions to another vaccine or injectable therapy like hives, swollen lips and face or trouble breathing, talk to your healthcare provider before getting the vaccine.

What if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to have a child soon?
Based on how the vaccines work, it is most likely safe during pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy increases the risk of more severe COVID-19 illness. If you are pregnant, and have other risks for serious COVID-19, you may benefit from being vaccinated. Talk to your healthcare provider about any concerns.

What if I am immunocompromised or take medication lowering my immunity?
The vaccine is not dangerous for people with weak immune systems. However, we do not know how well it will protect them. Experts recommend that immunocompromised people should get vaccinated unless otherwise contraindicated as people with this condition are more likely to get very sick from the virus. Talk to your healthcare provider about any concerns.

Do I need to continue taking COVID-19 precautions after vaccination?
Yes, getting vaccinated protects most people from getting severely sick from COVID-19. We donít yet know if a COVID-19 vaccine prevents people from spreading the virus. Until infection rates drop, to protect yourself and others, please continue taking precautions after vaccination. As we learn more about the vaccines, and infections decline, this may change.

Can I get vaccinated if I am undocumented immigrant?
Yes, all eligible individuals should get vaccinated, regardless of immigration status. Your personal information is kept confidential and is not shared with any other agency for purposes not related to public health.

Will the current vaccines protect me against new COVID-19 variants?
We are not sure yet. Scientists are working to learn more about new COVID-19 variants. There is early, hopeful information from countries with infections by new variants who have vaccinated many people. Until we know more, we should continue taking precautions.

Can I get my two COVID-19 shots from different vaccines manufacturers?
Yes, but only in rare situations where the manufacturer of the first-dose vaccine cannot be determined, or administered. We do not know how much protection is provided by vaccinations with doses from different manufacturers. Therefore, the CDC is recommending people complete the two shots with the same product.

If I have no side effects occur after getting vaccinated, does that mean the vaccine did not work for me?
Not necessarily. People react to vaccines differently; most people only experience mild symptoms after getting vaccinated.


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