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Our Medical Staff

Our doctors are board-certified or board-eligible and licensed to practice in the State of New York. Most of our doctors are bilingual in English and Chinese.

Internal Medicine
Oster, Ady Shmuel, MD, MBA
   Director of Medical Affairs
Pong, Perry, MD
   Chief Medical Officer
Lee, Catherine, MD
   Chief of Internal Medicine, Manhattan
Ma, Xiao Xiao, MD
   Assistant Chief of Internal Medicine
Cao, Shimin, MD
   Chief of Internal Medicine, Queens
Cho Kravitz, Helang, MD
Gu, Kangxia, MD
Ho, Clara, NP
Hong, Jin Joo, NP
Huang, Xu, MD
Lee, Holly, FNP
Lee, Shuk Ying Virginia, FNP
Li, Ci Ai, NP
Lo, Judy, OD
Ma, Lisa, NP
Nguyen, Y-uyen Le, MD
Sang, Koky, MD
Shen, Tsun You, MD
Sung, John, MD
Tan, Edwin, MD
Tsuei, Deane, MD
Wong, Honkeung Daniel, CDN
Wu, Duchu, MD
Wu, Lydia, MD
Wu, Shuyi, MD
Yan, Tina Chen, CDN
Yeung, Tsz-Yin, MD
Yip, Chun K, MD
Yoshimachi, Julie Yoko, NP
Young, Charmaine, DO
Yu, Min, MD
Zhou, Hui Qin, NP
Zhou, Yuan Xiu, FNP
Zheng, Xiaojuan, MD

Pediatric Care
Au, Loretta, MD
   Chief of Pediatrics, Manhattan
Chao, Eda, MD
   Assistant Chief of Pediatrics
Kim, Hyoseong Nuna, MD
   Medical Director
Sirya, Rosalynn H., MD
   Assistant Chief of Pediatrics
Wou, Margaret Lee, MD
   Chief of Pediatrics, Queens
Chan, Angela Mei, MD
Chan, Bennett, MD
Chang, Carolyn Jean-An, MD
Huang, Ai Lin, MD
Hung Stephanie, MD
Ko, David, MD
Lee, Christina Sun, DO
Lee, Michael Jerry, MD
Lin, Deborah, MD
Lo, Judy, OD
Pan, Debra, MD
Phoon, Colin, MD
Shen, Christine Jianhua, MD
Shen, Chunpang Tony, MD
Shen, Jieying, MD
Shih, Jenny MD
Soohoo, Jane, MD
Wong, Honkeung Daniel, CDN
Wong, Mei, DO
Yan, Tina Chen, CDN
Zhou, Yuan Xiu, FNP
Zhu, Sha, MD

Ho, Allan W., MD
   Chief of OB/GYN
Wong, Samuel Chung-Shing, MD
   Chief of OB/GYN, Queens
Bauchman, Gail Beth, MD
Birdsall, Stacia Beth, CNM
Bui, Sandy Lau, D.O.
DelPriore, Giuseppe, MD
Gong, Mabel, MD
Gu, Yanbo, NP
Kim, Yuhan, CNM
Ko, Ruby, CNM
Liu, Beiyu, MD
Tun, Kan, MD
Tung, Pearl, CNM
Wong, Honkeung Daniel, CDN
Wong, Lily, MD
Yan, Tina Chen, CDN
Zhuo, Ying, MD

Dental Care
Chan, Alison, DDS, MPH
   Dental Director
Lu, Gain, DDS
   Assistant Dental Director
Chan, Sunny, DDS
Egielski, Shirley, DDS
Ha, Xiu Yun Sharon
   Registered Dental Hygienist
Hsu, Wayne, DDS
Lam, Alfred Tsz-Ming, DDS
Lam, Jack, DMD
Lo, Valerie Kayee, DDS
Tang, Janice Tse-Hwa, DDS

Mental Health
Chen, Jianping, MD, Ph.D
   Director of Mental Health
Ho, Chi-Kit, LCSW
   Assistant Director of Mental Health
Alam, Tiffany, LCSW
Chan, Meghan, MD
Chen, Mouchuan Teddy, LCSW, Ph. D
Dong, Deborah, LCSW
Kong, Isaiah Yanlok, LCSW
Kuang, Evelyn, NP
Lee, Jeff Tsunyuen, LCSW
Li, Jiaqi, LMSW
Li, Wei, LCSW
Lin, Xiaoxi, LMSW
Lu, Xiaochun, MD
Tan, May, LMSW
Yao, Meng Yu, LCSW
Yeung, Sook Yee, LCSW
Yip, Wai Sze Sarah, LMSW
Young, Chainllie, MD
Yu, Elsa Sasha, LCSW


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